Saturday, May 12, 2012

The weather doesn't always cooperate!

Hello everyone! Today was another excellent day in Ostrava. Our first stop this morning was to Pribor, which is the birthplace of Sigmund Freud. After a brief tour of his birth home, we visited the village square and a local church which was beautiful.
Next we traveled to Hukvaldy which is the birthplace of the famous composer Leos Janacek. We walked (hiked?) to his home and, after a brief tour, we ventured back into the village for lunch. Let me stop here and say that this is where the weather was not cooperating! Andrea, Aaron and I took off towards the village at a extreme speed (up hill, very large hill - at which point Joey was shaking his head and taking his time behind us) where we quickly learned that we might not be in as good of shape as we previously thought. Let me add that it was also pouring rain :) We finally made it to our destination and was greeted with a very warm place to eat lunch. The food was outstanding! After lunch the weather decided to cooperate for a few minutes so we could take a brief (brief in the Czech Republic means a couple of miles...) walk to the Monument of Bystrouska from Janacek's opera The Cunning Little Vixen where we touched the monument for good luck.
Lastly, we ventured a brewery which hopefully someone else will pick up telling about!
I can't get any pictures to load - can someone please post some? Thanks!

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