Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Final Days in Ostrava

On Sunday we wrapped up our time in Ostrava. Several of us were surprised that it kind of felt like coming back home after the district conference since we had already spent some time in the area. Out last few days in the area were action packed as always.

On Wednesday we spent time at the Tatra Museum, several other sites in Stramberk, and time at the Ostrava International Rotary club.

Thursday was another unique day. We started our day in a coal mining museum, spent some time by the pool, ended up changing clothes in a bar, and finished the evening at the symphony. An interesting day...
The coal mining museum was a fun experience. Coal, steel, and the auto industry have been important in the Ostrava region. This is one of the more industrial areas of the country. It was nice to see such an important part of their history. The concert in the evening was a very fun night. It was a great change in pace and something a little different. I believe Andrea may even have a new facebook friend...she went and met one of the guest performers.

Friday was another interesting day. We spent our day with the members of the Opava International Rotary club and two exchange students from Columbia and Charlotte, NC. We ended up with some free time in the afternoon and had a chance to stop in on an old WW II bunker. Fascinating space.

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