Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something a little different...

We have been thinking about this for days...but are now finally getting around to it....posting some stuff about food. It feels like some days all we do is eat. The best is great food.
We have experienced lots of different food and drink here. We van start with the drinks. Most people know that the Czech Republic is famous for their beer....and love of drinking it. Beer is actually cheaper than water in most places. It is not that water is is just that inexpensive. We have been trying lots of different kinds. The one thing we have all noticed though is the healthy respect for the 0 limit for driving and drinking at all if you are driving. This may be part of the reason that so many non-alcoholic beers are around here...there are tons of the, and most pretty good.

One thing many people don't know, however, is that some great wines also come from this area. One of the more traditional products from Bratislava is currant wine. It is pretty tasty, but packs a punch.

The other thing you encounter frequently here is Slivovitz. Slivovitz is a plum brandy that is sold commercially and made in many homes here in both countries.
Now for the food...
Food is not that different. Most people do larger lunches and lighter dinners though. Meals here often include a variety of meats, cheeses, and breads. A few of the local favorites include....

Fried cheeses are a big hit in Slovakia. Even McDonalds has some options.

Most lunches start with soup. This is a traditional cabbage and sausage soup.

A favorite in both countries...dumplings with cheese and pork.

Czech food often includes dumplings and sauces.

Potato pancakes stuffed with meats.

Don' forget about dessert. Desserts are typically not as sweet as those in the US, but very tasty. This is a traditional desert with a poppy seed filing. And of course you need some espresso to go with it

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