Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1st Vocational Day - Joey

I know this is a little late....but better late than never. The first vocational day in Ostrava last week was great. I was able to spend the day with some of the staff from VSB - The Technical University of Ostrava. I learned so much about the school and the great programs they offer and research they are doing. The majority of the morning was spent chatting with them about their alumni and development program. The alumni program is actually only 2 years old....but they are excited to continue to grow it. As I am sure you can imagine, giving to Universities is very different here. They are anxious to grow this program as well...especially as public funds continue to decrease.

The good news....I will be going back and spending another day with their Vice Rector (our vice presidents) to talk more about what we do in the US and how some of this may help them. We will also get to spend some time touring the campus and seeing some of their research.

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