Sunday, March 18, 2012

District Conference

The preparation continues!  This weekend was another action packed and productive weekend for the team.  We spent Friday evening in Staunton preparing for the trip - learning about Czech culture and language, working on our presentation, and reviewing the growing to-do list that has to be finished before we depart on May 8.  A special thanks to Dave and Debbie Metz for hosting the team, showing us around Staunton, and preparing a great dinner!

The team spent Saturday at The Homestead for the 7570 District Conference.  What a great program!  We were all so impressed with everything.  We not only saw the great presentations from the teams visiting from the Czech Republic and Slovakia (District 2240) and from Italy (District 2030), but also had a chance to hear from some of the incredible high school students, college students, and Rotarians doing great work all over the world.  It was certainly a moving and inspiring morning!

The highlight of the day had to be our time with the teams visiting our district.  It was great seeing Enrico, Valentina, and the Andrea’s visiting from Italy and hearing about their experience so far.  The afternoon was spent with Jaroslav, Veronika, Marcela, Jan, and Juraj – all visiting the area from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  We had a really good time getting to know each other and hanging out.  They had great stories to tell and great advice to share about their own trip and what we can expect while visiting their home countries.  Leslie and Aaron will have a chance to spend some more time with the visiting team over the next few days while they are in Tennessee and southwest Virginia.  The rest of us are looking forward to seeing them again when we go to visit in May. 

Downtown Staunton

A big thank you to Dave for giving us a brief tour of downtown Staunton!

The team checking out some beautiful stained-glass at a local bank.

On our way to the District Conference we were able to stop and take in an amazing sunrise.
Group shot on our short stop to view the sunrise.
The two GSE Teams -- District 7570 and District 2240 -- at the Homestead

Our team

Joey, Aaron and Enrico (Italy Team) chatting on the front porch at the Homestead.

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