Tuesday, June 19, 2012

At the conclusion of the trip, I have to echo the sentiments of WOW, what a trip. As the leader, I could not have asked for a better team of professionals to represent both our district and the US. I look forward to our next meeting at the district conference next March. Until then, will never forget the hospitality of our hosts.

Please note in the pictures below, a couple of interesting features. The red arrow is a real sign left over from WW2 in the city of Pilzen. Also, you can see the monument in downtown that says Thanks America. We have a great time visiting the Urqual brewery and the underground storage for the beer as it ages. Prague—what a great city and so easy to get around on public transportation. Buy a ticket for a period of time and move from subway to tram on the same ticket. You can also see our final presentation at George's club in Prague. We decided to wear our Czech Republic T shirts for the last presentation. On the day before we left, I had the experience of visiting a small research nuclear reactor and looking down into the core and seeing the blue water that comes. What an event that was.

To Aaron, Joey, Leslie, and Andrea, I know we are forever changed a bit and I hope our paths will cross many times in the future. 


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